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  PSA: Karrueche Tran Does Charity to Promote Positivity

PSA: Karrueche Tran Does Charity to Promote Positivity Karrueche Tran PSA, one tweet to dead all the rumors about why she does charity. As bloggers try to say the California vixen and girlfriend of Chris Brown, is trying to mold her own image, she is not having it. This week, Kae took to twitter to announce to fans, there is only one reason she does charity. That reason is promote a positive lifestyle, where it's cool to help others.

"The point of me being vocal about my volunteer work isn't to create an image for myself, it's to influence positivity." tweeted Karrueche, Wednesday July 11th.

Obviously aware of what's being said about her on-line, the statement is a bold one. While 'haters' toss lots of shots on twitter and tumblr, Chris Brown's sweetheart braves it all continuing to do what she believes in.

Fans unaware of the charities Karrueche speaks in, obviously have not kept up to date on news. Kae has been involved with charity food drives, reading to kids, and more in recent months. A lot of work for someone who's not quite a celebrity herself.

Find photos of Karrueche with future mother-in-law, Joyce Hawkins, and her son, Chris Brown, helping communities below. Also much of the behind the scenes can be recieved through the photography as well.


Chris Brown Spraypaints New Artwork
photo - left - Karrueche Tran and Joyce Hawkins aka Momma Breezy with friends at NYC hunger drive

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