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  Karrueche Tran Gets Chris Brown Dragon Tattoo On Hand

Karrueche Tran Gets Chris Brown Dragon Tattoo On Hand A Karrueche Tran dragon tatto was instagram blogged this week and it's causing headlines on celeb sites. On her left hand, the seemingly "Duanwu festival" inspired tattoo art, was supposedly inspired by a Chris Brown original. All that Karrueche tweeted about the tattoo is "Maybe I'm Crazy [ picture link ]".

The cultural dragon tattoo begins directly below Karrueche's charm bracelet tattoo, on the left wrist. It extends all the way down her middle finger. The tongue of the dragon rolls down her 'bird' finger, a rebellious symbol perhaps.

"@PeterTattooist is the best, hands down" tweeted Karrueche Tran. It's assumed that is who did the dragon ink-work.

The full color dragon tattoo is very rich in contrast. The wide-eyed beast is looking to the right, big teeth showing, and smelling the air with it's tongue. The blues, bright greens, yellows, oranges, violets, and reds are all well blended, creating a true portrait.


Chris Brown Spraypaints New Artwork
photo - left - Chris Brown Spraypaints New Artwork on unknown wall; said to be done for charity.

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