Karrueche Tattoos

Karrueche Tran tattoos all have meaning. What exactly is the definition of each of these ink art works? Read this quick blog for definitive theories behind each of Kae Tran’s tats. More new symbols are showing up time to time, so expect for this page to be updated at times.

  1. The first of the Karrueche tattoos is probably the most well known by fans.
    Look to the left, to see the picture of the inked word on her left hand’s pinky finger. On the
    inside of the hand extension, Kae Tran has the word ‘promise‘ permanently tattooed. What is the Karrueche promise tattoo about? According to various blogs, this was done after dedicating herself to Chris Brwon. The ‘promise’ is all about maintaining her faithfulness and dedication to bettering her relationship with boyfriend ‘Breezy’. Possibly more!
  2. Karrueche TattoosThe next Kae Tran tattoo is on her left wrist is a bracelett. It looks to be be a charm bracelet with only a “B” or “infinite” symbol attached. It’s really a tough tattoo to make out but if it’s a B, perhaps she’s hinting at the idea she will one day have the last name “Brown” ? If it is an infinite sign, it could mean she wants ‘this life’ forever perhaps, in the words of Jay-Z. A really inconclusive set of ideas but fans feel free to tweet @karrueche for an actual answer. See the picture to the right to see two pictures of the tattoo. One up close and one in an instagram flick. Make your own decision on what the charm bracelet represents but it does look like the Chris Brown signature “B” from previous album artworks.
  3. One of the latest, unless there’s a Karrueche 2012 tattoo season coming soon, reads “Where There is Love, There Is Life“. Perhaps inspired by the trasnformation of Chris Brown since the whole Rihanna incident and hurdles created by it, it’s easily seen in man of her new pics. Anytime the left arm is down and no sleeve covering, it’s in plain view.
  4. Karrueche Tran Tattoos on Rib CageOne of the most interesting of Karrueche Tran’s tattoos is the zipper that scales up the rear of her right leg. The tattoo can symbolize a number of things from her being a person of many characters to living in her own skin. However, it’s more likely she just liked this design from an artistic standpoint. It’s definitely the most enigmatic of all the tats.Karrueche Tran Zipper Tattoo on Leg
  5. Karrueche Tran Tattoos on Rib CageMoving onto the next of Karrueche tattoos, focus on her rib cage. A long, detailed script can be read going down. This tattoo is self-explanatory, reading “A beautiful life does not just happen It is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice and love may that beautiful life be yours always.” A very insightful tattoo, this definitely represents the struggles her and Chris Brown are experiencing and battling to move forward in life. Since the issue of fighting with Rihanna, it’s become obvious @MomBreezy aka Joyce Hawkins has really insteeled the value of prayer and humility with the two. A reminder to stay focused on positive energy. The tattoo cannot be viewed unless she has on a revealing outfit. The quote usually is not visible until she is either doing a implied nude photo shoot or wearing swimsuit / beach wear.
  6. The Karrueche Tattoo on the right arm is another simple, easily understood tattoo. It reads ‘The past is practice‘, again promoting positivity for those with a turbulent past. A great quote for Chris Brown to live by, as the VA R&B singer turned rapper continues to challenge his past’s influence on his future, defeating his inner demons.
  7. The urban ink on Karruche’s spine is the least seen tattoo probably. It is in Arabic characters [ we think ] and actually says “An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship”.  Going up her spinal chord column, it’s quite an intriquing tattoo placement. [ view both tattoos 6 & 7 below ]
Karrueche Tattoos

photo: see Karrueche tattoo #6 ( top ) and #7 ( bottom )