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  Karrueche Pregnant

Karrueche Pregnant Karrueche Tran pregnant, that's the headline many fans are struck by next to the engagement ring. Was Kae's baby bump just a mythical photo capture, really a dress catching wind or is it possible that there are Chris Brown kids ? The rumor sparked by on-line bloggers can find its official end here.

Karrueche is not pregnant as for first quarter 2012. This highly controversial rumor was sparked by a photograph the California model took while at an event with friends. Seen to the left, it can easily be a 'persuasive' picture if the right person rights a story. However, no Kae Tran baby bump would go away that quick.

Quick to make a statement about the rumor, Chris Brown took to twitter to handle this gossip as soon as it hit Media Take Out, Bossip, and other blogs.

"And So We Are Clear @Karrueche is not pregnant!!! Lol" tweeted the R&B pop star, rapper, and dancer.

Speaking for both himself and girlfriend in the tweet, it was the defining answer to the explosively viral "Is Karrueche Tran pregnant?" rumors.


Chris Brown's Mother, Joyce Hawkins, Denies Kae Tran Pregnancy Rumors The Karrueche Tran baby bump rumors and pics were immediately shut down by Chris Brown's mother [ with taste ]. She immediately dismissed the pregnant pics with one quick glance. Noticing the 'extra fabric' that was seemingly added to Karrueche's dress, she tweeted, "Its Called Photoshop" in response to the baby bump photo.

It's believed that neither Karruche nor Chris Brown want kids before marriage. The two want to enjoy their free lifestyle and traveling worldwide for dates, events, and sight-seeing. Both Tran's parents and Mom Breezy want their kids to stay focused on positive interests.

Chris Brown Tweets Karrueche is Not Pregnant
photo - Chris Brown Tweets Karrueche is Not Pregnant, photo capture of that Twitter statement

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